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Ballet age 3 to professional; adult ballet and flamenco dance; and jazz dance for ballet dancers. Phone 817 738 7915 or email balletinfo@att.net for information on classes.

Pricing and Registration

To enroll, complete the registration form and return with tuition payment and registration fee.


Click Here for Registration Form

Advanced students age 13 and older are encouraged to take four to five classes per week in order to make their best progress.

Fall Semester - August 26 through January 11

Spring Semester - January 15 through May 17

TUITION (per semester)
Annual Registration Fee $35  (Additional Children $20 each)
$50 TUITION DEPOSIT - must accompany Registration form

One Class.................….....$250 Two payments/semester* $130/130
Two classes a week....…....$450 Two payments/semester $230/230
Three classes a week.....….$580 Two payments/semester $295/295
Four classes a week.......….$675 Two payments/semester $345/345
Five classes a week.$760 Two payments/semester $390/390

*If you choose to make two payments, the first payment is due at the beginning of the semester and the second payment at mid-semester, by October 21 or March 17.

Single Class-$18.00 • Private Lesson-$35.00 ½ hour, $65.00 hour Semi-Private-$40.00 per person per hour Private and semi-private lessons payable in advance